“[Earthrise] embodies three key pillars: interdependence, long-term thinking and profound collaboration. All are wrapped in a blanket of empathy and compassion. We cannot continue as a species with a two-dimensional map as our model. Humanity is at a critical point in history.”
(Taken by astronaut Bill Anders in 1968, this iconic photograph of Earthrise changed the world.)
" We at Rising Tide Capital, along with our global partners, are seeing unprecedented shifts in our economy that require profound collaboration and action on a local and global level. We believe the 50th anniversary of Earthrise offers us an opportunity to invite leaders at every level to activate their full potential to build inclusive economies that prioritize human and planetary well-being."
CEO & Co-founder, RISING TIDE CAPITALco-founder, Future Tide partners


A GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR inclusive economies
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Networks of tuition-free community business academies supporting entrepreneurs from vulnerable areas as they develop the resilient, inclusive and sustainable solutions and enterprises of the future. Communities of restorative investors and policy makers learning to co-create ecosystems to nudge the emergence of a new restorative economy at the heart of the Beloved Community.

EarthRISE50 Founding Circle

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As part of the EarthRISE50 Founding Circle, global influencers and champions of human potential will join us on a transformational journey from “hero to host” of a new future economy. In partnership with a small group of committed Restorative Investors, they will pool social, knowledge and financial resources to model an inclusive future economy from the ground up in the places they care most about, as well as those that need swift attention. EarthRISE50 Founding Circle members will join learning journeys across the US and the world, participate in EarthRISE50 conversations at partner-led events in their locality, gain new skills as Restorative Investors and apply their learning, new networks and financial capital to emergent solutions that hold promise in advancing the EarthRISE50 goals of awakening to our interdependence, profound collaboration, and long-term thinking.
"My sense is that in the evolution of the planet, we are still becoming human, still striving to reach our full human potential. Through our deepening awareness and loving attention we can collectively shift consciousness to embrace compassionate interdependence with all life on earth."
Hawthorne Valley, Executive director


By 2025, 50 EarthRISE50 founding circle members will have activated a network of 50 tuition-free Community Business Academies a year to support thousands of entrepreneurial leaders in the most economically marginalized communities with the resiliency tools, skills and resources they need to prepare themselves and their communities for a rapidly changing future economy.

"Earthrise gives humanity a moment to stand together, to see ourselves connected and in context."


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